Medium capacity recycling balers are semi-automatic, with some operator assistance required.
These balers are fed by either feed conveyors or bobcat / forklift loaders, and bale tying is done manually.

Capabilities range from 1 to 5 tons per hour.

Most medium capacity balers are horizontal, and often referred to as closed door balers.
There are also two models of conveyor fed vertical balers made by Harmony Enterprises.

These balers can handle most materials, including cardboard, paper, plastic and metals.

Cardboard Baler with Feed Conveyor

Excel EX62-63

High Density Baler with Feed Conveyor

Maren PP60

High Density Baler with Vertical Bale Door

Excel EX66 – EX77

Metals Baler with Forklift Feed

Excel HV9 – HV10

Paper Baler with Bobcat Feed

Maren PP60

Plastic Bottle Baler with Conveyor Feed

Harmony S60XDRC

Harmony T60XDRC