High capacity recycling balers are fully automatic, with very little operator assistance required.

These balers are fed by either feed conveyors or air systems, and use automatic wire tiers for fast processing.

Capabilities range from 3 to 50 tons per hour.

There are 2 different designs of fully automatic balers – single ram and twin ram.

Single ram balers work best for cardboard, paper, and light metals.

Twin ram balers work best for plastics, scrap metals, and mixed solid waste.

Distribution Centre Cardboard Baler

Balemaster Catalogue

Balemaster 5200

Mixed Solid Waste & Multi-Material Recycling Facility Baler

Excel 2R9-2R10

Multi-Material Recycling Facility Baler

Balemaster Catalogue

Balemaster MRF Balers

Paper Trim Baler

Maren PP602R

Recycling Centre Aluminum Can Baler

Balemaster Catalogue

Balemaster E-Series

Recycling Centre Plastic Bottle Baler

Excel 2R9-2R10

Recycling Facility Cardboard Baler

Excel 2R9-2R10

Small  Multi-Material Recycling Facility Baler

Excel 2R63